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An ugly condiment’s beautiful cousin

HOMEWOOD, Ala. – On my third visit to Saw’s BBQ, I finally accepted my own hypocrisy.

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The BBQist Manifesto

CHICAGO – Unwritten rules permeate barbecue culture like hickory smoke permeates a hunk of brisket. Don’t drown the meat in sauce. Use spare ribs instead of babybacks. Never sacrifice attention to the meat for attention to side dishes. Everyone seems … Continue reading

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Sauces? We don’t need no stinking sauces.

DESTIN, Fla. – It takes guts to open a cash-only restaurant with no indoor seating in a place where the temperature routinely hovers between 90 and the fires of hell. It takes even more guts to serve a pulled-pork sandwich … Continue reading

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Barbecue in The Bywater

NEW ORLEANS – Even Tom Robbins would admire the way I ate my way through NOLA to keep the leg-humping hunger beast at bay. I consumed Po’ Boys, gumbo, boudin, rabbit, lamb, alligator and the porcine delicacy the French call … Continue reading

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Sweet memories

LEXINGTON, S.C. – First, a confession.

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On BBQ sauce, T-Tops and biscuit baby daddies

MOORESVILLE, Ind. – When I first came across the website for Squealers Award Winning Barbecue, I worried. Naturally, the name of the place piqued my curiosity. What awards had Squealers won? I clicked a link, and much to my dismay, … Continue reading

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Welcome. Pull up a chair and pour a glass of sweet tea.

At my day job, the reactions I get from readers typically fall into three categories. 1. You wrote something nice about my favorite college team. The next time you’re in [insert college town], I’m going to buy you a beer. … Continue reading

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