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An ugly condiment’s beautiful cousin

HOMEWOOD, Ala. – On my third visit to Saw’s BBQ, I finally accepted my own hypocrisy.

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Eating like it’s 1999

ATLANTA – Most Fridays in the summer of 1999, I left the Atlanta Journal-Constitution building, climbed into my Corolla, cranked Outkast’s Aquemini CD and headed for the ATM at the base of the Bank of America skyscraper in Midtown. Once … Continue reading

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Biscuits, bees and guilt

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – As I stared up toward the top of the hill, one thought thundered through my head. You brought this upon yourself.

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Heaven’s backyard

NEW ORLEANS – The sun started its descent as the cab rolled alongside the Mississippi River through the Marigny and into the Bywater. A soft breeze kissed us as we stepped out onto the sidewalk on Poland Street. The evening … Continue reading

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It always knows

NEW ORLEANS – It was New Year’s Eve 2009. I had just landed in NOLA, and I needed to find a place to eat. I checked Urbanspoon, but in a city as gastronomically dense as this one, a list of … Continue reading

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Automatic, Y’all

“I wanted Weaver D’s to be a place where there is a bounty, a land flowing with milk and honey, like Moses talked about in Exodus.” – Dexter Weaver in Automatic Y’all: Weaver D’s Guide to the Soul ATHENS, Ga. … Continue reading

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A culinary penthouse in a basement

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The Hammerheads web site warns diners ahead of time. Don’t bring large parties. Expect to wait. The chefs aren’t trying to be divas. They aren’t trying to be unnecessarily surly. They simply need you to accept the … Continue reading

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What the F (Bomb)?

AUSTIN, Texas – I get this question a lot. “Is this all for you?” Mark Avalos asked as he stuffed a made-that-day bolillo with sausage, pulled pork and brisket. It was, but only because the menu board at The Sugar … Continue reading

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Quality vs. Quantity (and Quality)

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – During a swing through the Midwest, I had to answer a burning existential question regarding the University of Michigan. Are Wolverines fans happier because their school hired Brady Hoke as head coach or because of the … Continue reading

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