Just following orders

Apple pie with cheddar cheese top crust

NEW ORLEANS – I don’t usually write about places that require a collared shirt to dine. Shoot, many of the places I frequent barely require pants. But when the boss lady is picking up the check, you steam your blazer, and you remember to use the forks from left to right.

Sauteed red snapper over shrimp etouffee.

Our waiter at GW Fins was Troy. He looked as if he had just gotten cut from the Saints, so he had to have a healthy appetite. He told us to order the lobster dumplings or the sizzling oysters for an appetizer. The wise among us did. He told us all to order the sautéed red snapper over shrimp etouffee. Seven of nine did, and the other two wished they had. He told us he would need a 30-minute heads-up if we wanted the apple pie with the cheddar cheese top crust. We gave him an hour.

Troy didn’t steer us wrong. So let that be a lesson to you. If your waiter looks like he has to consume 6,000 calories a day to maintain his training regimen, just eat what he tells you to eat.

Lobster dumplings.




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