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Trolling with grits

NEW ORLEANS – NOLA-based scribe Brett Michael Dykes is a friend to hungry sportswriters. He never steers us wrong when we visit his city. Friday night, a few of us got a direct message on Twitter from Dykes that he … Continue reading

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It always knows

NEW ORLEANS – It was New Year’s Eve 2009. I had just landed in NOLA, and I needed to find a place to eat. I checked Urbanspoon, but in a city as gastronomically dense as this one, a list of … Continue reading

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Just following orders

NEW ORLEANS – I don’t usually write about places that require a collared shirt to dine. Shoot, many of the places I frequent barely require pants. But when the boss lady is picking up the check, you steam your blazer, … Continue reading

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A shrimp and an alligator (sausage) walk into a cheesecake

NEW ORLEANS – A bunch of us went to Jacques-Imo’s last night. Mere words can’t describe the place. All you need to know is that five heterosexual men have never shared so much food in one meal. So look at … Continue reading

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Feeding the beast

NEW ORLEANS – Wrote Tom Robbins in his beet-tastic classic, Jitterbug Perfume:

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From pop star to pulled pork star

ATLANTA – Barbecue gets pigeonholed as a regional cuisine enjoyed by people with provincial tastes, and that stereotype exists because it is at least partially true. Every time I mention a joint on my Twitter feed, I get responses from … Continue reading

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Automatic, Y’all

“I wanted Weaver D’s to be a place where there is a bounty, a land flowing with milk and honey, like Moses talked about in Exodus.” – Dexter Weaver in Automatic Y’all: Weaver D’s Guide to the Soul ATHENS, Ga. … Continue reading

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