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Trolling with grits

NEW ORLEANS – NOLA-based scribe Brett Michael Dykes is a friend to hungry sportswriters. He never steers us wrong when we visit his city. Friday night, a few of us got a direct message on Twitter from Dykes that he … Continue reading

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It always knows

NEW ORLEANS – It was New Year’s Eve 2009. I had just landed in NOLA, and I needed to find a place to eat. I checked Urbanspoon, but in a city as gastronomically dense as this one, a list of … Continue reading

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Just following orders

NEW ORLEANS – I don’t usually write about places that require a collared shirt to dine. Shoot, many of the places I frequent barely require pants. But when the boss lady is picking up the check, you steam your blazer, … Continue reading

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A shrimp and an alligator (sausage) walk into a cheesecake

NEW ORLEANS – A bunch of us went to Jacques-Imo’s last night. Mere words can’t describe the place. All you need to know is that five heterosexual men have never shared so much food in one meal. So look at … Continue reading

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Feeding the beast

NEW ORLEANS – Wrote Tom Robbins in his beet-tastic classic, Jitterbug Perfume:

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From pop star to pulled pork star

ATLANTA – Barbecue gets pigeonholed as a regional cuisine enjoyed by people with provincial tastes, and that stereotype exists because it is at least partially true. Every time I mention a joint on my Twitter feed, I get responses from … Continue reading

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Automatic, Y’all

“I wanted Weaver D’s to be a place where there is a bounty, a land flowing with milk and honey, like Moses talked about in Exodus.” – Dexter Weaver in Automatic Y’all: Weaver D’s Guide to the Soul ATHENS, Ga. … Continue reading

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Sweet memories

LEXINGTON, S.C. – First, a confession.

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A culinary penthouse in a basement

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The Hammerheads web site warns diners ahead of time. Don’t bring large parties. Expect to wait. The chefs aren’t trying to be divas. They aren’t trying to be unnecessarily surly. They simply need you to accept the … Continue reading

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Blessed Redemption

SNOOK, Texas – The lord gave unto you 10 commandments. Heaven is a Buffet has only two.

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