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The new champ

AUSTIN, Texas – Ranking barbecue joints feels an awful lot like ranking college football teams. Each ranking is purely subjective. Each ranking is based on potentially dubious criteria unique to the individual doing the ranking. Each ranking, in the grand … Continue reading

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An antelope, a rabbit and a pig walk into a bar…

AUSTIN, Texas – Just eat it. I’ll say these words often in the next few years. My son recently turned two. My daughter still has a few more months of sucking down formula. At the moment, they have very little … Continue reading

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Quality vs. Quantity (and Quality)

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – During a swing through the Midwest, I had to answer a burning existential question regarding the University of Michigan. Are Wolverines fans happier because their school hired Brady Hoke as head coach or because of the … Continue reading

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On BBQ sauce, T-Tops and biscuit baby daddies

MOORESVILLE, Ind. – When I first came across the website for Squealers Award Winning Barbecue, I worried. Naturally, the name of the place piqued my curiosity. What awards had Squealers won? I clicked a link, and much to my dismay, … Continue reading

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‘So, what kind of side dishes are we going to enjoy this evening…’

NEW YORK — I imagine the final ruling on the business plan for S’MAC unfolded in much the same way as the final decision to cast Steve Buscemi as the lead in Boardwalk Empire. Sure, Buscemi is a fine character … Continue reading

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Welcome. Pull up a chair and pour a glass of sweet tea.

At my day job, the reactions I get from readers typically fall into three categories. 1. You wrote something nice about my favorite college team. The next time you’re in [insert college town], I’m going to buy you a beer. … Continue reading

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